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Find out why over 80,000 churches have purchased MediaShout.

“You guys provide the best customer service of anyone I know.”

-David V.

“I’m super happy with your website and your products. I went and looked at your [computer] bundles. The prices are incredible.”

-Matthew P.

“We’ve been customers a long time and nothing less than super pleased with everything and everybody.”

-Daniel M.

“I appreciate you folks, because you put out a telephone number to call. Most of these folks don’t do that. I want you to know how much I appreciate that.”

-Jerry J.

“Thank you so much. You don’t know how I appreciate it.”


“Thank you so much, again. I bought all this (hardware) to do [competitor] but I’m telling you…I called in and you guys were so helpful every single time and patient that I just said, you know what, I never even called them. So, I really appreciate you guys and the quality of service you provide. Thank you so much.”

-Dwayne B.

“Thank you. I do appreciate everything. I’m sure MediaShout is going to work out for us. We had [MediaShout] six years ago. Somebody came in and said, “No we needed [competitor].” I was always sorry.


“I’m liking the sound of this. It sounds really good. I’m excited to try it.”


“Your support has been superb.”

-Cathy B.

“I’ve had guys say, “We need to go to [competitor]” and I’m like no way, dude. I love you guys. The biggest thing that keeps me with you guys is your customer service.”

-Mike S.

“Before using MediaShout 7, we were using Powerpoint and very frustrated. What was different about MediaShout is that there is so much you can do it with it to fit all churches, big or small. Once we switched to MediaShout, there was a weight lifted off my shoulders and a very big smile with a shout of “Hallelujah”. I feel like there are no limits to sharing God’s Word.”

-J. Whitely

“When I was just looking at [competitor], I was like, ‘I need some help with this.’ His response back was ‘we don’t have time to do personal training for everyone.’ {MediaShout} has restored my faith in customer service. You guys have been awesome. I’m certainly grateful for that.”

- Carl R.

“I thank you so much for your expertise. I don’t know if I told you but this past Sunday, I used the Sermon Builder for my pastor’s notes. I looked like a pro. Thanks to you and your patience.”

-J. Edwards