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Multi screen presentations can offer a lot of flexibility to your church service. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of multi screen presentations, it’s simply showing different media on more than one screen. This could mean having multiple screens that your congregation sees, or it could mean having one screen for the church and one for the presenter.

Here are six ways that multi screen presentations can improve your services:

1. Lyrics for vocalists

It can be hard to connect the congregation to people on the platform. Too often the congregation can’t see the singers’ faces because they are too focused on the music stand in front of them. If you mount a screen displaying the lyrics in the back of the room, it will bring their focus up. You’d be surprised at how seeing the song leader’s faces can really improve the congregation’s sense of connection!

2. Pastoral prompts and presentation

The same thing holds true for pastoral messages. Having a screen in the back of the sanctuary that runs the pastor’s presentation during the sermon can stop him from having to turn around constantly and make sure that the right slide is on the screen at the right moment.

Not only that, but it can be a helpful way to communicate things the pastor may need to know or remember. The person running the presentation can quickly edit a slide that reminds the pastor, “Don’t forget to pray for Mary,” or “check your zipper!” Both would be greatly appreciated.

3. Questions from the congregation

Many churches are keeping their messages shorter and providing time to interact with questions from churchgoers. With two screens, this can be done easily. You can have people text their questions to someone in the presentation booth, and they can compile the best questions into a script that is fed to the pastor on a screen at the back of the room or on the platform.

At the end of the message, the pastor can be fed two or three of the best questions to respond to.

4. Use a screen to drive home your main point

If you have two different screens for the congregation, you can use one of them to drive home the main point of your sermon, while you use the other for various verses and illustrations related to your sermon. Maybe the sermon is built on an important question and you want to keep that question up while you share other information and keep the presentation running on another screen.

You can also use one screen for sermon series branding while using the other for your sermon notes.

5. Break up your sermon elements

I like to take notes during the sermon, but it can go by so fast that I miss really important elements. You can use your presentation to make your information more memorable. For example, you could use one screen setup for verses and another for videos, illustrations, and other information.

You can also alternate between screens by leaving the last verse up on one screen and going to the opposite screen for the next verse. This gives people some time to get the context of the message into their notes, and fully internalize the verses that you’re using.

6. Keep a Twitter feed on one screen

Another way I stay engaged as a congregant is by Tweeting thoughts and quotes from the sermon. If you have a lot of active Twitter-users in your congregation, you can set up a screen dedicated to audience engagement via Twitter.

MediaShout allows you to pull Twitter feeds into your presentations. All you need to do is designate a particular hashtag for the message and your church members can interact with your message in real time.

It’s easier than you imagine

Running a multi screen presentation isn’t as hard as you may think. With your purchase of MediaShout you have the worship software needed for multiple screen presentations—for no extra charge.

If your church does run multiple displays, leave us a comment and tell us all the ways you’re running your presentations!

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