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Good Friday commemorates a pivotal moment in history: Christ died and hadn’t risen yet. The wages of sin was on display in Christ’s sacrifice, and the gift of God was still waiting to be revealed in his victory. As your church revisits that sorrowful time on Good Friday, your service probably won’t look the same as it will on Easter Sunday. To help you prepare for this special service, we’ve put together a list of church backgrounds you may want to use inside your worship software on Good Friday. Here are 7 backgrounds for your Good Friday service:


Sermon Backgrounds

As you pour over Scripture and pray through your message, your Good Friday sermon can take many different directions. Are you asking your congregation to wrestle with the gravity of sin and the weight of Christ’s sacrifice? Are you exploring the role doubt and uncertainty plays in our faith? Or are you foreshadowing your Easter service with a sermon on our hope in Christ’s promises? There are many ways to preach on this single event, and each approach sets a different tone. See if one of the sermon backgrounds below fits the tone of your message. Additionally, each of these sermon backgrounds can be purchased as a motion graphic, making them ideal for worship.

1. Subtle Good Friday

This ashen sermon background helps recapture the somber mood of the first Good Friday. The motion graphic version subtly shifts the gray streaks in the background, creating a hazy feel.

2. Painted Good Friday

Coloring your Good Friday sermon with a blood-red sunset, this series takes your congregation on Christ’s journey to Golgotha with powerful motion graphics and rich worship software slides.

3. Vintage Good Friday

The illuminated cross, shining against this smoky scene hints at Easter’s hope.. The series includes a title and welcome slide, plus a countdown video. Alternatively, you can also choose motion graphic versions of these slides where the dark clouds move like smoke and particles flicker like sparks.

4. Good Friday Mist

With the cross looming in the mist, this background casts Christ’s death in a sobering light. The series offers several perspectives on the shadow of death, portraying Christ from above, below, and close up. An alternative slide also shows the tomb in this same dark haze, contrasting the blinding light of the tomb scene that occurred days later.


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5. Ray of Hope Cross

This slide is also available with the purple and yellow hues swapped, presenting the same sorrowful scene with a slightly different tone. Clouds swirl downward in the motion versions of these slides.

Title Slides

These standalone title slides are powerful as blank backgrounds for the rest of the slides in your church presentation software, letting your text speak for itself. The motion graphics versions of these slides also work great as welcome videos, or for transitions like tithing or worship.

6. Easter Glass Good Friday

This title slide uses Jesus’ final words to introduce your sermon on his death.

7. Holy Week Hues

Provide a hopeful outlook on Good Friday with a clash of light and darkness and the promise that healing comes through Christ’s sacrifice.


Get Free Bible Art

As you’re putting together your Good Friday service, consider using our free Bible art. We’ve created 100 slides that pair Scripture with images or handcrafted artwork. They’re perfect for your pre-service announcement loop, during worship, or throughout your service.

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