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Looking for some great pastor appreciation gift ideas? We’re here to help! Pastors, media ministers, worship leaders, and anyone in leadership at our churches constantly pour themselves out to serve the Lord and our congregations. They care deeply about the people they shepherd and work hard to not only lead Sunday morning gatherings, but also do so much more behind the scenes every day of the week. 


This time of year, church congregations like to show their pastors how much they appreciate them. You may know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month and you want to celebrate your leaders,  coming up, or you’re looking for Christmas gifts for pastors at your church!. If your church does not collectively do a pastor appreciation event, then take it upon yourself to say thank you to your pastors.


It doesn’t have to cost much or anything at all. A simple card or email with words of encouragement will be more than enough. If you are looking for gift ideas for pastor appreciation day, we have 9 great gift ideas for ministers , worship leaders, or media ministers to get you started.


1. A Getaway in Your Vacation Home

This is a great gift if you want to give your pastor and their family a relaxing getaway. If you own a second home or cabin in a nearby vacation spot, consider offering it up for free to one of your pastors, worship leaders, or media ministers. This is an opportunity to give the gift of an expense-free time to get away with their spouse and kids to rest and refuel.



2. Professional Family Pictures

Here’s an outside-of-the-box gift idea for your pastor. Give the gift of capturing memories with a family photo session. If you are a photographer, offer your services to your pastor for free, or find a great local photographer and pay for a family session. Your pastor will appreciate this thoughtful gift that will be kept for years to come.

3. Personal Day at the Spa

Relaxation is a gift in itself. Get a pass for a local spa treatment to give stress relief and time to slow down. Pastors can easily be focused on everyone but themselves. Giving the gift of a great time and a day away to recover and rest is something they might never think to do for themselves.

4. Dinner or Coffee Gift Cards

A simple yet effective way to say thank you is to buy your pastor a gift card for dinner or for their favorite coffee shop. This is a great way to show your appreciation to your pastor through the gift of a meal or coffee at their convenience– that they won’t have to pay for themselves! The great thing about this is they can take advantage of the gift card all year long!

5. Babysit Your Pastor’s Kids

Do you know your pastor well enough to watch their kids? If you have a good relationship with them and they know they can trust you with their kids, then offer a night of free babysitting so they can go out on a date!

You could also opt to cover the costs of hiring a babysitter and they will have the peace of knowing their kids are safe at home with someone they trust. If you’re a church member that doesn’t know your pastor well enough, offer to cover the cost to hire their favorite sitter. This is a great gift for parents of little ones.

6. Gift A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You pastor, worship pastor, media minister, and anyone in leadership at your church will love and use this gift. A portable bluetooth speaker will come in handy for listening to worship music, church leadership podcasts (check out the NEW MediaShout Devotional Podcast), and other uses like pairing it with their computer for meetings that need louder audio for a group. This is a practical and enjoyable gift that is sure to please whoever receives it. 

7. Upgrade You Pastor’s Office Chair

Pastors sit for long periods of time writing sermons, responding to emails, studying, and doing work from their desks. A good office chair is a must to make those long days working more comfortable. This is a good practical gift idea that would be a real treat for your pastor.

Plus, it’s something the congregation can “go in on together” if the church budget doesn’t have provision for it. (And if the church budget already has room for a new office chair, how about upgrading it to an even nicer one!?) This is an awesome way to honor your pastor and let them know you care about their comfort and the work they do!

8. Create A Collective “Thank You” Book

If you want to go the extra mile in showing your pastor how much you appreciate them, here’s an idea. Find a way to ask your congregation for a short note of thanks or a testimony of how your pastor led them to the Lord or they received a breakthrough in their life through the leadership of your pastor. Maybe even get the Sunday school pastors and kids involved as well! 

This is a great gift that will be a keepsake for your pastor that they can look back on for years to come. There may be many stories in your congregation and church staff that would otherwise never be told. This is a way to give voice to all of the great things God has done in your church and through the pastors leading the congregation year after year.

9. A Gift Basket

Everyone loves gift baskets. Put together a basket full of useful practical gifts and tasty treats. Try to think outside of the box and add a few items they can use at work and home. You can pick a theme to help you come up with ideas for items to fill the basket with.

 If you are making one during fall, think of cozy items like a throw blanket, jams, different types of tea, a coffee mug, or a diffuser with fall scented oils. There’s many directions you could go with a gift basket, and it’s sure to please whoever receives it! Do some research and find out what your pastor’s wife likes as well and include something in the gift basket for her too!



That’s our list of 9 gift ideas for your pastor, worship leader, or media minister. We hope that it helps you find a creative way to say thank you for all their hard work and service in the church. Take time to show your pastor appreciation this month and encourage them with your words and actions.

 Don’t underestimate the power in showing your church leaders you appreciate them even with a quick word of encouragement. They are people just like everyone else and need affirmation as well. It doesn’t always have to be “bible verses” and “bible studies”. They’re humans too and deserve care and attention just as we all do!

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