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What is MediaShout?
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MediaShout is church presentation software for displaying song lyrics, scripture, sermon points, and all forms of visual media to the screens for worship gatherings and events.

MediaShout increases engagement for those attending worship gatherings, and behind the scenes, it is loved by church staff and volunteers for its easy, time-saving features. With this powerful software, you’ll be able to quickly insert lyrics from a library, automatically build scripture slides from 70 included Bibles, and easily display any kind of graphic and video files.

MediaShout makes professional presentations easy for your ministry. Also known as “worship software,” MediaShout is the original church presentation software that revolutionized visual worship media. In 1999, MediaShout pioneered the switch from limited office-style software like Microsoft Powerpoint to church-specific software to display non-linear presentations controlled on a separate screen by an operator.

Still today, MediaShout offers the best balance of powerful features, flexibility, value, and ease-of-use in the church presentation and worship software space.

MediaShout allows you to build and run slides on an intuitive, easy to use control screen while showing only your presentation to your audience on a separate “main display” output. This is done by utilizing extended desktop with multiple screens on Windows or Mac. Most of our software versions even include a third output for either a “stage display” (also known as a confidence monitor) or live streams.

With MediaShout’s built-in controls and turn-key functionality, none of this requires you to be a computer or video expert. MediaShout does the work for you so you can focus on ministry.

If you’re a pastor or worship leader, or you lead a women’s ministry, school, or camp, MediaShout 7 will enhance your visual media for worship while simplifying technology so you can focus on what matters most—ministry. MediaShout is at home in any environment requiring live presentations:

Church services  •  Worship gatherings  •  Children’s ministry and classes
Women’s ministry events  •  Campus ministries  •  Conferences and retreats
Men’s ministry events  •  Christian schools  •  Small groups and Sunday school
Young adults and youth gatherings  •  AND MORE!

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I am very pleased with the software and think that anyone who needs a quality presenter software should definitely put this on the top of your try list. The product is remarkably simple to teach others how to use. The software is very adaptable for systems. I like the fact that it can handle multiple displays so easily.

Jason N.
Media Coordinator

MediaShout has allowed our house of worship to increase our production value and provide a more immersive, intentional, and effective ministry to those who attend our services. My favorite features of MediaShout was the amount of customization options the software allows for. I stopped needing to do so much editing work on graphics before importing them, and simply create the exact look I need for a service right within the application.

Travis W.
Director of Worship & Communications

We deploy media shout to many of our clients who prefer a user friendly app that doesnt bog down your computer but still offers a clean, punchy presentation. Media Shout has a great layout and platform that lends itself to a quick learning curve.

Scott B.
Project Manager

MediaShout transformed our worship service from fragmented and “unprofessional” (I hate that word, but truly it was rough) into something that has flow, form and makes worship run smoothly. Our congregation is older, and we have a gentlemen in his 80s using the program on Sunday morning. That is how easy it is to use! I create the presentations in about an hour, using saved cues, creating new cues and inserting Bible text for each week. It is a great time saver for me, which is very important, since I am one of a two person staff at the church! My experience in creating and presenting with MediaShout has been very good. I do recommend it.

Karen D.
Administrative Assistant

Among the inevitable last-minute special event requests was a count down timer to display on the main screens during intermission so everyone would know when it was time to continue the concert. Now, I am not the regular Media Shout guy, in fact I don’t think I had ever actually used it for a live event before. This responsibility falls on me so rarely that I usually just go with PowerPoint. But, a count down timer? I did a quick search on how to create a count down timer in PowerPoint. After skimming, I realized this was not the way to go. So, I opened up MediaShout to see what I could figure out. Oh, my, that was too easy. I dropped in a background to match the concert theme and added a count down timer, gave it a nice font and matching color. Ta-da. The event organizers were happy and it worked flawlessly.

Erik P.
Director of Technology

MediaShout feels like a really close knit community, where users support each other well, but also MediaShout ‘the company’, support their users well. I love the software, and what we can achieve with it, in serving our church locally. MediaShout is fully featured yet easy to use. It’s easy to train on. Their support is second to none, and they really care about how the software works for you in your situation. They are passionate about making their software easy for us as users, to seamlessly support the process of worship and sharing the gospel.

Ken P.
AVL Team Leader

Mediashout let us create a more engaging service for our guests and congregation. We were able to use a wide variety of backgrounds and animations. Additionally we could automate slides like announcements to run on a timer until ready to proceed. The ease of adding media sources like audio and video gave us new avenues to share content with our live audience. Mediashout provided advanced presentation options for our church, giving us lyrics, slides, transitions, media playing capability, and verse sharing on the screens in our sanctuary. Staff and volunteers were able to setup everything that needed to be on the screens for services. We did this in advance, saved the files, and went live on Sundays. Mediashout expanded our capabilities from Powerpoint and incorporate more media, which helped keep our congregation engaged.

Justin N.
Marketing Consultant

We use it in two separate ministries elementary and junior high and off-campus events like camps and retreats. It is very easy to use, I do elementary kids ministry and my kids are able to maneuver around mediashout and use it during our celebration services

Keith G.
Student Life Pastor

The MediaShout people are super helpful and are constantly working to improve their product. They don’t sell you something and then leave you hanging. One time I sent in a question just before the holidays. I got an answer as soon as the office was open after Christmas was over. I followed the instructions step by step and it totally fixed my problem. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, quick to respond, and speak my language. Oh, and they love the Lord Jesus Christ and live to serve him, and in so doing, they help us and they help meet the needs of the churches that buy their product.

Heather S.
Media Tech


At MediaShout, we’ve built upon years of church media experience and partnered with other ministry-based companies to connect you with all the church tech solutions you need—even beyond presentation software.

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Worship software runs best on computers designed for media. MediaShout takes away the guesswork with computer bundles custom-built for presentations. These systems come fully configured and pre-loaded with the latest version of MediaShout (site license included), and ready to plug-n-play.

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