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MediaShout 7 Starter Pack


Kick-start your MediaShout 7 experience with the training, media, and support resources included in the MediaShout 7 Starter Pack. (Recommended for you and your volunteer team)

SKU: 78800


You DON’T want to pass this up! There is a wealth of resources jam-packed inside the continually updated MediaShout 7 Starter Pack! This box provides:

  • Physical copy of MediaShout installation files + Bible files
  • Exclusive 1-hour long training video to learn MediaShout 7
  • Over 4GB background media (62 images, 84 videos, 6 countdown videos, 2 mini-movies)
  • 16GB USB Flash Drive with plenty of free space to store your own MediaShout script files, sermons, and services
  • 30 DAYS of extra over-the-phone tech support for your entire team
  • Keyboard Shortcut cards for MediaShout 7
  • Other goodies to help you become a MediaShout 7 pro in no time!

NEW: The Starter Pack now comes with 30 EXTRA DAYS OF LIVE PHONE SUPPORT. Use the included card and special code to activate support for anyone on your team to call in or schedule a call for one-on-one assistance for an entire 30 days.

(After your 30 days, consider our always free chat support or the Plus Membership for advanced tech support and other great benefits).

NOTE: The Starter Pack does NOT include a MediaShout 7 license code. The installation file that is included can either be installed as a trial or you may use an existing MediaShout 7 license code to activate it. You may purchase a MediaShout 7 license code and choose USB drive there to receive both.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 0.5 × 7 in