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In today’s constantly developing modern world nothing stands still. Some things that were trending only a few years ago are now obsolete (ie Blockbuster, Palm Pilots, paper maps, telephone landlines, VCR’s, public payphones, long-distance phone charges, CD’s, fax machines, etc).

And some things, you would never expect to get traction in the marketplace, have become wildly popular: a $6 coffee, Facebook, Twitter, GPS, free email, scanning, and social media influencers. New ways to get our message out and across have changed in obvious places like business, sports, politics, but it is now changing radically in more sacred places, like The House of God.

Throughout time, the goal of a church or worship leader is to bring people into the presence of God and communicate the Gospel. But our generation is acclimatized to super digitalized, high-quality, fast-paced media technology. More and more churches today agree that innovative church media helps emphasize and drive home the message.

Communicating the Word of God has long been the work of highly anointed speakers, but now congregations need visual aids as well. So, let’s delve into essential means your media ministry should pay attention to while using church presentation software.

Church Presentation Software

It’s no secret that adding visual aids to a church presentation vastly increases retention of the material. People learn far more by hearing and seeing than through hearing or seeing alone. The ability to use striking images and verses from the Bible (not to mention bullet points, sermon notes, song lyrics, video files, and motion backgrounds) all become possible with one essential tool for church media teams – worship presentation software. This niche software is far more advanced than basic presentation tools. 

This worship software is specifically designed for Church creatives, media teams, and volunteers to enhance all parts of a worship service. Users can even manage and control their presentations through special remote apps on their mobile devices.

Bringing all facets together for easy firing, there is no need to look for worship songs, videos, or Bible translations on the Internet, as they already have been built into the software solution. Also, there is a wealth of both written and video guides and phone support teams who will willingly help you to master the art of church presentation to help the congregation more fully engage on the big screen.


A website is a lot like the front door of your church. It’s the first thing people pay attention to. A lot of potential new members will first try and get acquainted with you on your website. So, make sure your website looks nice and inviting, as you will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Also, make it simple enough to navigate so members and visitors alike can easily find the information they are looking for. Professional photography and simple top navigation will greatly enhance your website.

Live Streaming

Gaining in widespread popularity is the use of live streaming church services. Offering people the option to live stream their home church service online and also archiving services and sermons will help shut-ins, the sick, and those traveling feel like they are still a part of the community. Remember, that it is important to actively use church media not only inside your church but outside as well. Ensure that your website includes a top header for church service live streaming. Just seeing that on your website could make the difference for someone deciding whether to visit your church for the first time or not.

Social Media

Do you know anyone who is not using social media? Probably not. Old and young alike are both active users of social media and networks. Facebook alone has 2.41 billion users! Can you imagine that many people? People read it at home, at work, on a bus, and while waiting in a queue. So, why not use this great tool to bring people closer to Christ? 

A great idea for using social media effectively is to hold sessions where people can ask about anything they want. People can ask a pastor their troubling questions or just things they want to know. This is also a great way to find new relevant topics for Sunday sermons. Do not limit yourself by posting videos only on your church website. Upload sermons and video teachings on Youtube. Some people might watch it directly on your website and decide to upload scrolling videos onto Youtube.

Church Sound

Good acoustics during worship service is a critically important part of church media because after all, “faith comes by hearing.” Even if your church cannot afford professionals to staff the church technology, there are a few basic things you can take care of on your own.

First of all, consider the quality of your equipment. Make sure you choose highly rated microphones and loudspeakers and place them in the correct spot, paying attention to the acoustics of the room. The difference in shifting the microphone one or two inches can be striking. The second point is mixing principles. A solo vocalist accompanied by the guitar or piano can sound great in their simplicity if they are mixed in balance- not too loud and not too quiet. The best tone and range of the instrument should be captured. 

Last but not least is having well-organized preparation. Always do a solid soundcheck. Properly timed lighting, audio, and video effects can make a difference. Great sound can be achieved without spending a lot of money. It can be simple and affordable if you pay attention to the basics and choose the basics properly. Steward church resources properly, and you will see good dividends for a long time.

As you can see, worship arts include everything from the preaching of your pastor to selectively chosen worship media. You don’t have to have a creative leader to use church media during a Sunday, but don’t underestimate the power church media can give you to drive home your message. Spread the good word every day and every moment regardless of whether you are in the house of the Lord or at home.

If you are looking to upgrade your worship software check out the free church presentation software trial of MediaShout 7 today!

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