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Free motion backgrounds for church presentation software

You want media that fits your church’s needs but doesn’t cut into your budget. There are a lot of places to find free church media, but you don’t have to hunt around for them. We already did that for you. Here are 17 places to find great free church media to use in your worship presentation software.

Free church media library from high-quality brands

A lot of great church media producers make select items available for free. Some of them give away new media every month, and others offer free packs you can download as they produce them.

This is a great way to build your media library with unique, exclusive content from high-end sources. Much of this media is only free for a limited time, so what you’ll get isn’t very predictable and you’ll need to plan ahead, but this is one of the best ways to get lots of free media you can use when you need it within your worship software.

MediaShout free media library

In addition to the powerful church presentation software, we host a library of free media that churches can use in worship services, bulletins, social media posts, or whatever they like without restrictions. We offer a variety of media packs from a range of producers that you can pick and choose from, and we’re adding new media regularly. What you get for free:

  • Motion loops
  • Social media graphics
  • Pre-service stills
  • Countdown videos
  • Sermon backgrounds

How you get it: Sign up for the free media email list. We’ll email you with high-quality media content to use during any worship services you’d like to!

Ministry Designs

Ministry Designs is a seven-year-old church website company with about 3000 churches on their platform. They just released that resource as a way to be a blessing to churches all around the world.

How you get it: https://ministrydesigns.media

Church Motion Graphics

Church Motion Graphics, also known as CMG, produces some of the best free motion backgrounds available. They’re constantly experimenting with new ways to create subtle and compelling motion graphics, and they give away new free motion backgrounds each month.

You don’t even have to give them your email to download the media. Just scroll until you find something you like, or download them all. What you get for free:

  • Still backgrounds
  • Photoshop templates for announcement slides
  • Motion graphics
  • “Pro Layers” (graphics you overlay on other images)
  • Photos stock footage

How you get it: You can download these pieces for free without signing up for anything! Just find what you want and click download.


Download our free Tech Team Prayer Video for your worship software: We’ve created a short video that you can use to pray with your media team before services. It’s a great start to get in the right frame of mind for serving for your worship gatherings and super easy to add to your church presentation software. Download your FREE video today!


Igniter Media free movie of the month

Igniter Media has a reputation for producing rich, meaningful mini-movies for churches under the name Igniter Originals. But they also offer videos from 10 other brands, including Dan Stevers, Lifeway Media, and RightNow Media. What you get for free:

  • A motion graphic of your choice (from a small selection)
  • One mini-movie every month

How you get it: Create a free Igniter account.


Dan Stevers free media collections

Dan Stevers is well-known for his thought-provoking animations and profound mini-movies. Some of his most celebrated work brings to life sermon audio from famous pastors like Timothy Keller.

These popular videos can make a great introduction to your sermon series or turn transitions into teaching moments. Dan Stevers also produces motion graphics and free worship backgrounds. What you get for free:

  • Sermon intro videos
  • Motion worship graphics
  • Countdown videos
  • Church backgrounds
  • Animation packs to create your own animations

How you get it: Sign up for Dan’s newsletter list.



Lightstock provides a platform for professional photographers to get their work in the hands of churches and Christian organizations. Every photographer has been vetted for quality and relevance, so every photo you see here is top-notch and unique. To promote featured photographers, videographers, and designers, they give away some of their work for free every week. What you get for free:

How you get it: At the bottom of their page, click Free Photo of the Week or Free Clip of the Month.

Free stock footage, free worship backgrounds, and more

When you’re looking for something specific, there are curated databases of free worship backgrounds and stock photos to help you find what you need. These searchable images are free, but make sure you check the usage restrictions on each site.


Church Media Drop

Church Media Drop lets churches and artists submit their custom works for other churches to use for free. They also offer tutorials on design and production. All these materials have been collected in Church Media Drop thanks to churches’ and artists’ initiatives to share their works with other churches for free.

What kinds of media they have:

  • Audio files
  • Sermon bumper videos
  • Graphics for youth ministry games (with explanations of games)
  • Free worship backgrounds and logos (for your worship lyrics)
  • Mini-movies
  • Motion backgrounds
  • Series graphics


Church Media Spot

Church Media Spot is a directory for a mix of free and premium media providers. Find the kind of media you need, and Church Media Spot will show you an extensive list of brands that offer that media. The media brands listed aren’t all specifically church media providers, so you’ll have to use your discretion. What kinds of media they have:

  • Video stock footage
  • Graphics
  • Graphic design tools
  • Stock photos
  • Stock music
  • Fonts



CMGCreate is a massive library of free still backgrounds from Church Motion Graphics. You can choose the aspect ratio for each image, and Church Motion Graphics is adding more all the time. What kinds of media they have:

  • Free worship backgrounds (only still)
  • Title slides
  • “Pro titles” (text you can overlay on your slides)
  • “Pro layers” (images you can overlay on your slides)


FREE for your Church Presentation Software needs:  We’ve put together an easy-to-follow, downloadable, Sunday morning service checklist for your ministry.  The best part:  It’s FREE!  Download today.



Seeds is a hub for a wide range of church media types. You can easily filter by the type of media you need, or search for a topic or phrase and see what’s available. What kinds of media they have:

  • Series title slides
  • Song lyric videos
  • Dramas
  • Mini-movies
  • Motion worship graphics
  • Kids media
  • Youth group media

How you get it: Sign up for a Seeds account.

Visual Church Media group

While not explicitly a church media provider, this group is an active community of church media professionals and volunteers. If any media provider makes their media available for free, chances are you’ll hear about it here.

How you get it: Join the Visual Church Media Facebook Group.

Freely Photos

Despite its generic-sounding name, this site exclusively offers Christian stock photos. The selection is somewhat limited, but it’s broken into these helpful categories: Bible study, Christmas, church life, creation, Easter, prayer, worship, other. What kinds of media they have:

  • Stock photos

How you get it: Go to their website to download the media that you need.


Unsplash is one of the most popular sites for free stock photos (Christian or otherwise). Everyone knows about it, and while they have a lot of photos, they’ve become rather ubiquitous. For example, how many times have you seen this church? popular stock photo of a church

Unsplash is a great place to find a stock photo in a pinch. But when you use an Unsplash photo, bear in mind that there’s a good chance your congregation has seen it somewhere else before. What kinds of media they have:

  • Stock photos

How you get it: Go to their website to download the media that you need.


Pexels isn’t quite as popular as Unsplash, but there’s a lot of overlap in their library of photos. You’ll be sure to find some of the same stock images on both sites, but the tagging system is a little different, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for on one, it’s still often worth trying the other. What kinds of media they have:

  • Stock photos

How you get it: Go to their website to download the media that you need.

The Stocks

The Stocks goes one step further than Church Media Spot: rather than just listing various media providers, you can actually search them right on this site. Select the media type you want, choose a brand, search, repeat. Again, this is not strictly a Christian site, so there may be irrelevant search results, but you can quickly jump between sites to find what you need fast. What kinds of media they have:

  • Stock photos
  • Stock videos
  • Colors
  • Icons
  • Mockups
  • Fonts

How you get it: Go to their website and select Free Photos CC on the left.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons has millions of stock photos to search through, so you’re bound to find something unique, interesting, and useful. While these are free to use, most photos require some type of attribution, such as clearly indicating the source of the photo.

Photos are organized based on the type of license or attribution required. While there are millions of perfectly appropriate images here, Flickr also hosts explicit images. What kinds of media they have:

  • Stock photos

How you get it: Go to their website to download the media that you need.


Pablo is a media tool produced by Buffer. It’s a great place to create social media images, but you can also use it to create slides or add imagery to Bible verses. Pablo lets you search over 600,000 stock images, optimize them for the social media platform of your choice, use filters, add text, and even overlay your logo. What kinds of media they have:

  • Customizable stock photos

How you get it: Go to their website to download the media that you need.


Start building your free-motion graphics, get free motion backgrounds

We want to help you create church presentations that look good. That’s why we provide a growing library of free church media resources. Sign up to get your media right now.

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