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Do you remember a time when the only solution for your church presentations was PowerPoint? Those times when you spent hours creating a presentation for just one Sunday? Fortunately, with the appearance of church presentation software, now it takes only minutes to make an entire presentation AND store some of the elements in a library for future presentations.

With 70 built-in Bibles, Sermon Builder, automatic creation of lyric slides, and powerful editing capabilities, MediaShout 7 is one of the most convenient and effective church presentation software options to enhance your worship services.
Sharing passages from scripture is one of the most vital things during church. But what is the best way to present your slides in a tasteful and sufficient way? Here are some designing ideas for church scripture slides to include in your worship services.

1. Show Every Scripture On The Screen

Since it’s proven by scientists that we most easily perceive information we can see, why not show every Bible verse on the screen? Many congregants don’t bring their own Bibles to the church, so this will definitely help them to follow along with the sermon.

2. Include references for each scripture you show

This allows people to write them down and come back to them later on their own when they can dig deeper into the Word. Make sure to use a smaller font in comparison to the Scripture. Don’t worry—MediaShout sets this up by default!

3. Use what the pastor or speaker prefers

Sometimes it’s confusing for people if the translation on-screen differs from the one the speaker is reading from. So, it’s a good idea to use whichever Bible version the pastor or speaker prefers when building your presentation. There are 70 Bible versions to choose from in MediaShout 7!

Some Other Tips:

– Make the scripture slideshow is as simple as possible. Use clean, simple fonts that contrast between the text and the slide background (use a dark background with white text).

– The slide shouldn’t be overloaded with colors.

– Don’t overload slides with the text. Try to keep text around 4 lines per slide and not too close to the edges of the screen. (You can easily insert page breaks in MediaShout with the Ctrl + Enter keys).

– Save a preset of your scripture text box once you’ve determined the perfect font, font size, alignment, placement, and formatting.

– Set up slides ahead of time for your church presentation.

MediaShout 7 makes it easy to insert scripture into your presentations. Just pick the book, chapter, and verse, and enhance your Sunday services. Try it for yourself with a free trial of the program. There are several public domain Bible versions included, and a total of 70 when the site license version of the program is purchased.

What are some things that you do to make your Scripture slides more presentable?  We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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