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What if your sermon presentation could be more than a simple tool to help people read along? What if you could actually use your worship presentation software to make worship services more engaging? We believe you can.

Here are 7 ways you can use church service presentation elements to keep people occupied during your message.

1. Use more images in your church presentation

Don’t just use your presentation as a vehicle to pass on the sermon notes and verses you’ve pulled together during your sermon preparation . Keep people’s attention by incorporating more pictures. Maybe it’s a picture of the Bible characters you’re talking about. Or perhaps it’s finding interesting ways to draw people into your verbal illustrations with similar images. Maybe it’s even the use of video files.

2. Set up the slide as an “A-Ha” moment

Your presentation can be part of your message. You can do this by using the sermon to set up an important truth that will be delivered in text from the presentation. One way you can do that is to ask a series of questions with the same answer that grow more earnest and passionate. At the climax of the questions, answer them on the big screen.

3. Go to black until there’s a big point to make

If you tend to have something on the screen at all times, change it up. It adds more importance to your presentation if it’s black until you have something important to communicate. Play with the rhythm of your presentation, and really think about how you’re using visual silence. This can make all the difference.

4. Use iconography between points

Instead of going to black between points, you can use iconography or other spiritual or meditative artwork. This can help set a devotional mood during the message which can greatly impact how the message is received.

5. Use artwork from members of your congregation

Do you have artists, photographers, or videographers in your congregation? Use their artwork during your messages. If you have sermon series planned out ahead of time, you can work with them to get material to use as slide backgrounds or accompanying images. This will help them feel more appreciated and involved and can help get the congregation more engaged.

Including the work of other church members improves the buy-in of your whole community. It enables them to see how all their gifts are used collectively in the building up of the church.

6. Dialog with the presentation

Here’s an idea that can add an entirely different element into your presentation. Why not set the presentation up as one side of a dialogue? This can be done for comedic relief where the text plays the same kind of role that a ventriloquist’s dummy might, or it can be done for a more serious effect where the text plays devil’s advocate or asks probing questions.

7. Use fill-in-the-blank slides

Once you put a slide up, people instantly divert their attention to reading it. A way you can make them dependent upon the message while using the presentation is to leave blanks in the slides. People will turn their attention back to you in order to fill in the missing pieces.

If you enjoy a fun verbal exchange with your audience, you can make the blanks more obvious and encourage people to fill them in while you’re reading the text!

What presentation tips or tricks do you have?

This is only a handful of potential ideas for creating more engaging presentations. We’d love it if you left us a comment to share the ways you keep your church captivated and involved during presentations!

Using the best software for churches  is one way you can equip yourself to help the congregation engage with the message. Check out the latest version of MediaShout today to see how easy it can be!

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