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It’s easy to think church presentation software is a tool for large or mid-size American churches and worship services – those  with vocational worship pastors and large teams of tech volunteers. Buying a software solution  might seem like a symbol of reaching a certain level of attendance or spare room in the budget—but that’s not the reality.

It’s a common myth that worship presentation software is mainly for making church service presentations look polished—a luxury small churches can’t indulge in.

This perception overlooks one of the main reasons we created the MediaShout software for churches : to make the worship presentation process easier for everyone—which is especially helpful for small churches that don’t have designers or presentation support. When your team is already stretched thin, MediaShout’s time-saving tools make preparing for and facilitating worship less stressful (which means you can focus on more important things).

Take, for example, the story of Dr. Isaac Hotz, a missionary in Honduras.

Doctor. Missionary. Worship leader.

Isaac Hotz and his wife Anne both serve as doctors at Loma de Luz Hospital in Honduras, through the Christian Health Services Corp. From an early age, Isaac knew he wanted to help people—it’s why he became a doctor, and why he and Anne uprooted their family and used their gifts to serve an impoverished community.

But Isaac and Anne do more than provide health care. As missionaries, their roles as doctors put them in a powerful position to do outreach, which led to Bible studies, and eventually, a church plant named Iglesia Roca de Refugio. Now, these two doctors help lead worship both for this fledgling church and a group of about 90 missionaries in Honduras.


Download our free Tech Team Prayer Video for your worship software: We’ve created a short video that you can use to pray with your media team before services. It’s a great start to get in the right frame of mind for serving for your worship gatherings and super easy to add to your church presentation software. Download your FREE video today!


How worship software helps missionaries

These missionaries are busy. And they’re on a budget. That’s why they use MediaShout 7.

“Since so many of us who are involved in the worship music and sound team are also involved in hospital care, we were looking for something that would reduce the amount of time needed to prepare for times of worship,” Isaac says.

MediaShout 7 comes with lyrics to 2,500 songs and it’s compatible with SongSelect by CCLI, so Isaac and the other missionaries don’t have to hunt for lyrics when they put together worship sets.  Importing songs is easy which is  in handy when you have three worship sessions per week, plus a full-time job as a doctor, Bible studies, and a family to raise.

But using MediaShout 7 wasn’t just about saving time each week. They needed a program that didn’t take extensive training to learn.

“We also needed something that would be easy to use and intuitive,” Isaac says. “We often use a sound team that has little computer technology experience, and sometimes even non-english speaking.”

Their volunteers didn’t even have to speak English to use MediaShout 7. And since their team of missionaries didn’t all have the same kind of computers, they needed something that was both mac and pc compatible. As they scoured online reviews and compared the presentation software options, MediaShout 7 became the clear choice.

MediaShout 7 is for small churches, too

MediaShout was designed to help all ministry teams succeed. Even if you lead a small church, the time-saving tools that a church presentation software gives you can make the investment well worth it. And since most small churches don’t have a professional A/V technician, it definitely helps to have intuitive software your volunteers can quickly learn. Custom slides, sermon notes, drag and drop video files with cross platform access, all displayed brilliantly on the big screen is within reach.  According to one missionary, MediaShout 7 is so easy to use, you don’t even need to speak English to learn it!

Ready to switch to the best worship software on the market?  See what MediaShout church presentation software can do for you and your ministry.  Download the FREE 30-day trial today!

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