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Looking for Praise & Worship Powerpoint Slides
Worship Powerpoint Backgrounds?

Try Our Simple Church Presentation Software!

Here are some MediaShout features you’ll immediately notice as different from the regular church Powerpoint:


  • Easy Slide Templates – We spent time making things look great so you don’t have to– just apply a Template
  • Simple But Powerful Editor – Features and flexibility to edit as needed but no complicated obstacles to get in the way
  • Jump to Slides in Any Order – From anywhere in MediaShout, display any slide at any time, in any order
  • Separate Control and Presentation Screens – You’ll never have to fly blind while navigating your presentation
  • Backgrounds – Great backgrounds included and you can add your own, including church motion backgrounds
  • Bibles Built In – Easily insert scripture from 70 included Bibles (and display them legally with all publisher royalties paid)
  • CCLI SongSelect Integration – Quickly search THOUSANDS of worship songs to bring in lyrics with just a few clicks

Take The Step Up From Powerpoint!

If you’ve only used Powerpoint for church, you’ll be amazed at how much simpler and easier it is to create and display presentations with MediaShout.

How It Works

You could think of MediaShout as a much more powerful alternative software for church Powerpoint. Unlike Powerpoint slides for church though, MediaShout allows you to build and run presentations on an easy to use “control screen” while showing only your presentation slides and media to your audience on a separate screen. MediaShout also supports features like church motion backgrounds, while only still images can be used as worship Powerpoint backgrounds.

You’ll also be able to use up to 70 built-in Bible versions to automatically create scriptures slides with just a few clicks, and CCLI SongSelect’s library of thousands of worship songs to bring in lyrics with a simple search. NO MORE COPY AND PASTING!

Our more advanced version even offers a third separate screen output called the “stage display”—a customizable confidence monitor for pastors and worship leaders—something that’s not possible with regular church Powerpoint presentations.


Presentation Software Pricing

MediaShout 7 is competitively priced so you can get up and running
with amazing presentations without breaking your budget.

If you came looking for Powerpoint backgrounds for church,
you’ll be able to leave with that and so much more with MediaShout!

Need help deciding? Call the MediaShout team at 615-983-5900 or schedule a call.