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(DO NOT USE) MediaShout 6 USB Drive (DO NOT USE)


Kick-start your MediaShout 7 experience with the training and media resources included in the MediaShout 7 Starter Pack.

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You DON’T want to pass this up! (Recommended for you and your volunteer team)

There is a wealth of resources jam-packed inside the continually updated MediaShout 7 Starter Pack! This box provides a physical copy of MediaShout, an exclusive 1-hour long training video, Keyboard Shortcut cards for MediaShout 7, a notepad, a flashlight pen, and other goodies to help you dive into MediaShout 7 and become a pro in no time.

The included USB drive contains:

  • An exclusive 1-hour long training video to learn MediaShout 7 (and/or MediaShout 6)
  • Over 4GB background media (62 images, 84 videos, 6 countdown videos, 2 mini-movies)
  • MediaShout installation files + Bible files
  • Plenty of free space to store and transport your own MediaShout script files and sermons

NOTE: The USB drive does NOT include a MediaShout 7 license code. The installation file that is included can either be installed as a trial or you may use an existing MediaShout 7 license code to activate it. You may purchase a MediaShout 7 license code and choose USB drive there to receive both.

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