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MediaShout teamed up with BoxCast, a live video streaming solution geared specifically for churches back in 2017. Since then streaming services from  the church has become radically important. 

Boxcast gives you and your ministry’s live services that much-needed ability to keep you and your community connected through the “digital world” of streaming.

What BoxCast can do for you!

Week after week, your entire staff pours tons of energy into preparing for Sunday worship  . While the pastor’s polishing up the message and sermon notes, everyone else is pulling together worship, sacraments, announcements, and all the other components that make your services powerful and effective.

With MediaShout, you pull these elements together with beautiful slides, animations, and transitions. And all of these ingredients produce an experience that reflects your church’s priorities, interests, and culture, creating a compelling picture of who you are. 

But what if your service could reach beyond your sanctuary?!

In this day in age, the majority of people probably check you out online before attending your church. As they look at your website and scope out your social media accounts, they’re asking, “Is this a church where I’m going to be comfortable?” The churches that attract visitors aren’t necessarily the ones with the flashiest websites or most Facebook followers, they’re the ones doing the best job of communicating who they are and what they’re like.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if potential visitors could experience one of the services that your team works so hard on every week? Nothing will communicate who you are and what your ministry is about better than a Sunday-morning service!

That’s where BoxCast comes in!

With BoxCast, you can share videos of your service, Bible studies, outreaches, and more. These events can be live-streamed with picture-perfect video every time. You can broadcast these videos to your website, Facebook Live, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube Live, and more!

For the streaming needs of MediaShout churches, the crew at BoxCast has tailored a customized feature and pricing solution. The plan includes white label embedding on your website as well as simultaneous integration with Facebook Live. These features allow you to take your services beyond your sanctuary walls so that you can reach as many people as possible.

 Still on the fence about streaming? Click the link to learn more about MediaShout’s new streaming offering. Please visit  our partnership page now!


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