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How many computers can I install MediaShout on? What’s the difference between the Single License and the Site License? All of these questions are addressed below.

Understanding The Licensing System


a. When you purchase MediaShout 7, your license determines how many activations and bibles you get.

– If you purchased a single license, you get 1 activation and 46 Bibles. If you purchased a site license, you get unlimited activations and 70 Bibles!  You can run it on your presentation computer, your office laptop, and your home computer.  Either way, the license will determine how many Bibles and activations you get.

b. Remember that Mac and PC versions are licensed separately.

– MediaShout 6 for Mac and MediaShout 7 for PC are separate products. You can purchase either a Version 6 for Mac or a Version 7 for PC license.

c. Want to move from a single license to a site license?

Did you purchase a single license but need more activations? No worries! This can be done quickly and easily, not only giving you access to unlimited activations but unlocking more Bibles for you as well! Call 615-983-5900 for further details.

d. Your site license lets you use MediaShout 7 on a single campus.

If you have multiple venues sharing a parking lot (such as a youth group or children’s ministry), you can use Mediashout 7 for each of those ministries. However, multi-site churches will need to use separate licenses of MediaShout 7 for each site. For your retreats and mission trips, you’re welcome to use your MediaShout 7 license, so long as the location is temporary, and you’re only using it short-term.

Things you should know about a site license


a. If your church uses MediaShout on lots of computers—Mac and PC—this is almost always going to be your best option:

– You can purchase a combo site license. This gives you MediaShout 6 on both Mac and PC and NOT MediaShout 7, as MediaShout 7 hasn’t been released on Mac yet.  To get this “Combo License” give us a call at 615-983-5900.

-Already have a site license for Mac or PC and want to move to the other platform? When you buy MediaShout 6 for the other platform, you’ll automatically receive a site license for that platform as well. Call the number above for more details.

b. You do not need to purchase resources like Bibles or media for each individual computer.

– Your purchases are connected to your licenses, so every computer you activate MediaShout 6 on should have access to your add-ons.


Still, have questions?

We’re always available to talk you through your options. If you can’t find the answers you need on our support page, give us a call at 615-983-5900. We’ll help you find what’s right for your church.

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