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Worship presentation software has come a long way in the last several years. There’s so much you can do to create eye-catching slides that are easy to read and look great. But one of the most important decisions that go into creating slides for church presentation software is choosing a clean and easy to read font for worship media


Choosing the best fonts for presentations will give your congregation a more enjoyable experience when worshipping at church. They will be able to engage and worship without having to strain to see what’s on the screens. In addition to songs lyrics, it is also important to choose a stylish and readable font for displaying information during announcements. Taking time to choose the best fonts for worship media is one subtle (or not so subtle) way we can serve and love our church congregation– simply by putting in the time and effort.


Maybe you have a font you love using for your worship slides already. That’s great! But choosing the best font for presentations is just the first step. A few other decisions that come with the job of creating slides for worship software are deciding what size font looks best on a presentation, what colors look best for worship slides, and also deciding whether to use all caps or lowercase letters. To dive deeper into this topic, check out our recent blog, “4 Simple and Effective Typography and Font Tips for Presentations” for some great tips!


So, what is the best font for presentations? Well, there are lots of options depending on the look you are going for, but we recommend something clean (meaning not very ornate and decorative) and easy to read from a distance. To help you discover good fonts for presentation we’ve created a list of 9 easy to read fonts for church presentations that will help you create modern church graphics and worship slides. So you can easily try them and use them in your own worship presentations, we made sure to find 9 FREE fonts so that you can download them to try on your worship software today!

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1. Avenir Next – 


Avenir Next may be a font you are already familiar with. It’s the perfect blend of simple and clean with a modern, stylish edge. Like many of the fonts on our list, it can be used in lowercase (as shown) or uppercase letters for an even more modern and bold look.


2. Poppins –


Poppins is a great-looking clean font. As you can see, it looks great in lowercase, but we suggest trying this one in uppercase as well. (You can easily toggle upper and lowercase on your favorite church fonts using the features of MediaShout 7, as shown below). If you haven’t tried this one, give it a chance and see what you think!


Here’s a helpful hint as you try out and find your own favorite fonts:

MediaShout 7 has an ALL CAPS feature to quickly and easily turn any font into a CAPS font when it fits the style you’re going for!


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3. Bebas Neue –


For a more cutting-edge look, try Bebas Neue. It’s an uppercase, tall, and narrow font. It looks great on church slides and also church graphics for social media posts. If you want something to bring an updated and unique look to your worship media, this is the worship font for you. 


4. Montserrat –


Montserrat is another tried and true font that works well with a variety of church motion graphics and still backgrounds alike. When searching for the best fonts for presentations, you will find this one on just about every list. It is clean and simple, it looks good in both uppercase and lowercase, and it is easy to read from a distance.


5. Futura –


Here’s another modern font for worship slides. Futura is bold enough to read, yet it also has a distinct uniqueness with its thinner footprint. This font is simple but very recognizable. It has nice straight lines like on the “M” in the sample below for example. Futura also has the simple lowercase “a” without the added curve on top as seen in the word “Early” on the sample below. If you want something modern yet still unique, try out Futura! (Hint: This one happens to look great in Italics as well).


6. VMC Worship Bold –


VMC Worship Bold is a font that has been designed specifically for worship presentations. This font has a classic look with a modern flair. In our opinion, it combines many of the best worship fonts attributes from the selections on this list into one single font. Try it out and see if you like it.  


7. Century Gothic –


This font is very bold and makes a statement when displayed. If you need a font that’s readable from a longer distance, Century Gothic might be your choice. It is very easy to read in both uppercase and lowercase letters. Try using this font to make the text on your worship slides or church graphics really stand out.


8. CMG Sans –


CMG Sans was specially designed for lyric projection on church screens. It is a font that was created by expert graphic designers in the church media industry, so it’s perfect for your worship slides. This is another font we suggest trying in both uppercase and lowercase letters to customize for the look you’re going for.


9. Open Sans –


Finally, on this list of the best fonts for presentations, we have Open Sans. This is a regular go-to font that works great in many ways. Because it is so easy to read, you can use it for church announcement slides, graphics for church social media posts, and of course, it’s also a great font for displaying lyrics and Bible passages.

Now that you’ve read our list of the best fonts for worship media, take a moment to dive deeper and check out our recent blog, “4 Simple and Effective Typography and Font Tips for Presentations” for tips on creating the best worship software presentations. Many of the fonts on our list look perfect on the pre-made slide templates in MediaShout 7, an amazing tool to help spread the gospel, teach, and lead our churches in worship. 

With all the features that are available in worship presentation software like MediaShout 7, it is important (and luckily, FUN AND EASY) to spend time finding what works best for you and your church congregation in the way of styling your unique worship slides.

We know there are so many fonts to choose from and the process of sorting through hundreds of fonts can be overwhelming. But we hope this list of the best fonts for worship media will make it a little easier to find the ones that you love!

Did we skip your favorite font on our list of best presentation fonts? Share which is the font of your choice for worship presentations in the comments below.

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