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Audio Player Plug-In

To create an Audio Playlist in MediaShout, you will use the Audio Player Plug-in on the right side of MediaShout 7.

  • To begin, click the Audio Player Plug-in icon on the right side of MediaShout.
  • Then, click the (+) icon to create a new playlist
  • At the bottom of this plug-in, click the Add New Track button to begin adding in your audio files for this playlist
  • Once the audio files are loaded into the playlist, you can use the “fx” buttons to adjust the audio file before it plays.

Now that you have your Audio Playlist created, we can now get ready to play the Audio Playlist.

  • With the Audio Player Plugin open, click on the name of the Playlist. (when you do this, you’ll see the Audio File with a Play button in the top right corner of your program).
  • When you’re ready to begin the playlist, simply click the Play Button in the top right corner of the program. Then, you can Pause it at any time as well.
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