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Stage Display

MediaShout 7’s new and improved Stage Display will give you tools that you won’t find in any other program. Before we dig into all of those great tools, let’s talk about what the Stage Display is.

The Stage Display is designed to be an additional video output from your computer for people on the stage (Worship Team, Pastor, etc.) who may want to have different content on their screens than what the audience sees on the main screen. This allows the team on stage to have additional notes or to hide things (like backgrounds) that they don’t need on the stage display.

To use the Stage Display, you need to connect a third monitor output to your computer and in the Settings, change the Stage Display to be the display you connected. Once connected you can now configure your stage in one of three ways:

1) Mirror Main – In the Viewers Tab at the bottom right, you can toggle the Mirror Main to YES/NO. When selected to YES, then the Stage Display will ALWAYS show exactly what is on the Main Display, no matter what customization you may have made to the Stage Display. This is a global setting and overrides all custom settings.

2) Synchronize Stage – you can do this on a Page by Page basis (in the Edit Area, just right-click on the background and choose Synchronize Stage) or for the entire Cue (in the Script, click the Synchronize Stage icon under the Thumbnail of the Cue). This will apply all objects from the Main Display to the Stage Display exactly as they appear on the Main. NOTE: If you are using different Aspect Ratios from Main to Stage (i.e. a 4:3 projector for Main and a 16:9 TV for Stage), then your objects may not be in the exact same spot due to changes in resolutions.

3) Custom Stage – Taking Step 2 a little bit further allows you to customize the Stage Display by turning on/off existing Objects, adding your own Objects, and even changing the Background. This allows you to truly customize your Stage Display to show ANYTHING that you want.

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