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Key Objects Plug-In

A long-time favorite with some newly added features, the Key Objects Plug-In is essentially the Keys from previous versions. In MediaShout 7, we’ve made it easier and more seamless to create your keys and have them at the ready when you need them. As a note, Keys are the top-most layer and will remain on for all Cues/Pages until you turn them off. Clicking on the Key Objects Plug-In will show the following Keys:

    1. Clock – a standard Key Object that shows the time (HH:MM) in 12- or 24-hour format. Just like a text box, you can modify where it is located and all formatting and styling of the box in the Edit Area.
    2. Timer – a Count Down or Count Up clock (HH:MM:SS) that can show a count down from a specific time or a count up from 0 to a specific time. When the time is reached, you can either have the Timer disappear or simply stop and remain there.
    3. General Text – this is a text box usually designed to send a message to the Displays for Nursery numbers, Announcements, and other messages. Just type in the text you want and you are all set.
    4. News Ribbon – Like the General Text, this is a text box, with one major exception: the text will scroll

from right to left. This will give you the opportunity to create scrolling text for announcements along the bottom while displaying other Announcement Cues on the screen. You can also control the speed of the scroll, as well.

    1. Logo – This is simply an image or video file that you want to remain on the screen. Many times, this would be a church logo or something similar if you want to have that up on all pages of your script without having to add that object to every single page.
  • In the Keys Object Plug-In, selecting the name of the Key will allow you to click the “+” button to add that type of Key. You can add as many keys as you want of a single type (if you wanted to have 20 countdown clocks pre- prepped, you could do that – just make sure you double-click their names in the Layers Tab and label them all so you know which is which). 
    • If you want to display a key immediately while in the Plug-In window, just click the checkbox to the left and it will turn on all keys of that type (this is really designed for the General Text to be able to display the text quickly without having to go back to the editor).
    • If you want to edit the Key, once you have added it via the “+” button and configured it the way you want in the window, then close the Key Object Plug-In window and go to the Layers Tab->Key Objects Tab. There you will see all the Key Objects you added from the Plug-In. Just select an object in the layers to edit it as you need (including resizing, formatting, FX, etc.). 
  • Once you have it designed the way you want, then you simply need to click the Eye icon to the left of the Key to turn it ON/OFF. For Clock, Timer, and News Ribbon Keys, you also have a play/pause toggle as well as restart icon.
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