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Video Files

Video Files of various different formats can be inserted into MediaShout 7. These video files can be used as Backgrounds using the Layers Tab->Backgrounds button or as media objects layered into the Page by using the Insert Media Object icon in the Main Ribbon. 

Videos that are set as a Background, will continually play without restarting through all Pages of the Cue. Videos that are set as Objects will appear only on the Page they are inserted. If a Video Object is placed on two consecutive Pages, the video will restart when changing from Page to Page.

Inserting Video Objects

You can also insert Video Objects by dragging and dropping from the available files in the Library Tab. The Library Tab is populated from a specific folder set in the Settings Menu. Any videos within that folder will appear on the Library Tab->Videos Tab.

Adjusting the volume or muting a video

You can also adjust the volume or even mute a video. If you are inserting it as a background, you will find the volume controls on the left of the Background Window. If it is inserted as an Object, then clicking on the Video in the Edit Area to select it will give you controls for volume at the bottom of the video itself in the Edit Area.

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