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Text Boxes

A Text Box is simply that – a text box. These boxes hold text that is typed or copied/pasted from another source. There are three main types of Text Boxes used in MediaShout 7. Let’s talk about each one:

    1. A standard Text Box is the text box inserted to your Cue when clicking on the Insert Text Box Object in the Main Ribbon. This text box works like you would expect any text box to. You can resize the box, adjust fonts and formatting, add shadow and outline, and other standard things.
    1. A linked Text Box is the text box inserted to your Cue when inserting a Lyric or Bible Cue and contain the main contents. These text boxes are linked and allow you to create Page Breaks and apply formatting to all of the linked boxes throughout the Pages of the Cue. Much like a Standard Text Box, you can control the size, fonts, formatting, and more. The main difference is to think of this text box as linked to the other main content text boxes on the other Pages of this Cue.
    2. A special Text Box is the text box inserted to your Cue as a Lyric Copyright or Key Object Text Box.

These Text Boxes will be the same on all pages of a Cue, so any changes you make to this text box on one page will be immediately reflected on all other pages. Essentially, this is one text box that is synched across multiple pages with any formatting changes.

Using the three types of Text Boxes can help you develop your cues and set formatting quickly and easily.

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