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Cues Library Plug-In

The Cues Library Plug-In is a new feature in MediaShout 7, but it reaches back to our previous Cues Deck for long-time MediaShout users. However, we have taken it to a new level in that all the Cues that you want to be saved for future use (announcements, lyrics, sermon title slides) are all now saved to the Cues Library. If you insert a Lyric and format it in the Edit Area the way you want and you want to save that for future use, you simply click the Star Icon under the Cue Thumbnail in the script and it will add it to your Cues Library. You can do this for any Cue in your script.

To use the Cues Library

  • Click the Cues Library Plug-In (Star Icon) and search for any cue. You can also filter by Lyric, Bible, or General Cue Type.
  • Once you find the Cue you want, select it and click the Insert Button in the bottom right and the Cue is added to your script. It’s that easy.
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